I just won a scholarship!

Aqua Spirit

Where there’s a will, there’s a way – even if you have financial difficulties, international exchange scholarships are great opportunities to help ease financial burden.

I’ve just been awarded the Global Opportunities Award from my university. It’s a $1,000 bursary awarded on the condition that I submit a short summary of the experience and how it benefited me – which should be simple enough, considering that I have this blog! This’ll definitely help me out.

I decided to also look up other, more specific scholarships here. A couple that I found:

Go Global: Sciences

This scholarship is for students registered in the Faculty of Science going on international exchange: two awards at $2,000 each. Preference goes to students staying for a full year – i.e., me – as well as academic performance, extracurricular involvement, and an essay. They’re chosen by the Exchange Coordinator and the Dean of the Faculty of Science. I’ve met the exchange coordinator, and the Dean is from the department of physics & astronomy (my department, where I’d be the first student to go on exchange), so that’d leverage the odds in my favour a little bit.

Richard Ivey International Exchange Scholarship

For students in any faculty going on exchange, four awards at $5,000 each. These are pretty tough to get: minimum 80% average and evaluated on academic record, extracurriculars, and financial need, as well as an essay.

That’s not too shabby! If I won both of these, I’ve effectively covered tuition, plane tickets, and meals. Of course, the Richard Ivey scholarship is extremely prestigious, and I don’t have much extracurricular experience, so I doubt I’d win either of them. It doesn’t hurt to dream, though!

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