Pre-Departure Orientation #2/3


Just got back from the second and third orientations, and I have to say, they were pretty boring. We went over Health and Safety, and then over Academics, and I now know that I have a lot of forms to fill out and a lot of notifications to make.

I met a guy named Trevor going on exchange to HKU as well. He’s an econ student that’s a year ahead of me, so he’ll be graduating from Hong Kong directly, if I remember correctly. He seemed pretty nice.

We were reminded during the orientation that there’s a social happening later this month, of which we should get e-mails for, where we’ll meet former exchange students, incoming exchange students, and each other. I’m still hoping to get a Cantonese study group going, because it’ll benefit all of us, but I doubt everyone’ll care enough to learn it.

Other than that, there hasn’t really been anything interesting happening. If I focus on school for the next two months and get a 70% final average, I’m ecstatic.

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