Finally accepted (for real!)

Chungking Mansion Hostel

Wow. It’s been 10 months or so since I first entertained the idea of studying abroad, and here I am signing and scanning a form that’ll enroll me at the best-ranked university in Hong Kong SAR, China – 12580km away. I think the farthest I’ve ever travelled (that I remember) was to Florida for Disney World when I was 6. Out of trips I can remember, New York City was 829km – and the closest place in my country is Toronto at 192km away.

I will be travelling 65 and a half times farther than the farthest I’ve ever travelled in my country. I think I’m ready – I’ve got a credit card coming my way and am en route to set up an HSBC bank account for use in HK. I have a job that should finance the majority of the trip – and my savings should cover my tuition. My visa’s in the mail right now and my residence application is floating around in the HKU database somewhere. My mom’s starting to get teary-eyed, and my dad’s started to cook for me more – and I still have two more months to go.

So yeah, I got my acceptance letter and confirmation. It was signed, scanned and emailed back to HKU within about two minutes. I have no idea what’s going to happen next, but I’m pretty sure I’m ready.

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